Guido Vera No Gender Pieces

SOL open trench - Denim

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Pieza de la colección permanente GUIDO VERA, un diseño con corte clásico que viene originalmente del VOL. I en una mezclilla ligera celeste. Ahora, está disponible en diferentes algodones y mezclillas

La firma se dedica a usar materiales "dead  stock" que fueron olvidados en lugares de antaños de la región metropolitana además de otros materiales biodegradables, algodón pima peruano, algodón nacional (en el caso de los materiales "deadstock") y gabardinas sin tratamiento que vienen de Paraguay

Pensado para el nómade de la nueva era, la producción de esta pieza demora 25 días hábiles

El modelo que está usando la versión en negro es talla L y la versión amarilla es en S. La modelo está usando una talla XL 

Hecho por Mariana Elgueta

100% algodón responsable

Proveedor: Paraguay 

25% materia prima | 20% mano de obra | 55% GV

Patronaje por Yazmin Pino (Q.E.P.D)

Los impuestos de aduanas para envíos internacionales no está incluido en el valor total del producto. Ese costo lo asume el cliente.


A Piece from GUIDO VERA - permanent collection, a design with a classic cut that originally comes from the VOL. I in a light blue denim. Now, it is available in different cottons and denim

The firm is dedicated to using "deadstock" materials that were forgotten in places of yesteryear in the metropolitan region in addition to other biodegradable materials, Peruvian pima cotton, national cotton (in the case of "deadstock" materials) and untreated raincoats that come from Paraguay


Made by Mariana Elgueta

Designed for the nomad of the new era, the production of this piece takes 25 working days

Male model is wearing the black version is size L and the yellow version is in S. Girl model is wearing a size XL

100% vintage & responsible cotton 

Supplier: Paraguay 

25% materials | 20% workshop | 55% GV 

Pattern by Yazmin Pino Elgueta (R.I.P)

Customs taxes for international shipments are not included in the total value of the product. That cost is borne by the customer.

About VOL I

This collection is framed as the first volume (VOL. I) of the homonymous project GUIDO VERA. A new Ready to Wear firm based in Santiago de Chile, which seeks to explore the Latin identity with specific interest and inspiration in the nomadism of the millennial civilizations that inhabited Tierra del Fuego at the end of the 19th century. Under these ideas, the collection develops garments for people who have more than one home and are in constant movement

Its proposal is straight and irregular cuts that dialogue between visible seams and organic fraying. Its author proposes, from timeless garments, a sober, playful and audacious silhouette, inspired by the “layer upon layer” style, typical of the Amerindians of Tierra del Fuego to face the adverse climate of the region. Oversized pieces give life to various garments in the collection, managing to create a unisex language. Earth tones, black and white converse with Italian red, vibrant yellow and electric blue, the latter being the colors of the flag of the Magallanes region, Vera's hometown.

Guido, through his wardrobe, seeks to validate a new style that aims to be a synthesis of what we wear every day, through well-developed and high-quality garments. The latter reaffirms the minimalist tint of this incipient firm from Puntarenas.

This volume was celebrated in a two-page article in June 2018 by Paula Magazine and exhibited in September 2018 in the Magallanes Region, at the Punta Arenas Cultural Center

This collection was designed in Los Angeles, California, and manufactured in Santiago de Chile during 2017.