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Clothing for people who have more than one home and are constantly on the move, is the concept behind the editorial “Dans ce malheureux silence” or “In this unhappy silence”, of the eponymous brand Guido Vera. Through this, the designer from Puntarenas, together with the photographer Ronald Arriaga, wanted to portray the edges that nomadism can have in people of the new era.

“The collection follows the idea that 'one he is not a prophet in his land 'and he must emigrate to meet, connect and live life quietly outside the nest, "@guidoveracl said. Also with the choice of location, a house, "we seek to connect with nostalgia and interpret that loneliness with which today's nomad lives," added the photographer @ronronrun.

Listed as a sophisticated, natural collection and utilitarian, the eponymous firm Guido Vera, through a ready to wear proposal, presents utilitarian, minimalist garments, with colors inspired by the nature of the Magallanes Region, and for everyone, since the only requirement to wear one of these is want to look good. "They can be used by men and women who seek the same, look impeccable from Monday to Monday with well-developed pieces, environmentally sustainable textiles, accompanied by others of plant origin such as flax, which provide freshness and movement," concluded the designer.

Publication in Viste la Calle (click here for the article).