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ULEN hat steel blue
ULEN hat steel blue

ULEN hat steel blue

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$160.000 CLP

Brand: Guido Vera
Category: Unisex, Pre VOL III

This new collection that opens the way for Vera to develop a zero waste collaboration with Juan el Daltónico.

Daltonico is a local creative with 3 years in the fashion industry through the creation of headgear. Juan rescues trades such as feathered crafts, felt headgear, embroidery and taxidermy; telling stories and always exploring the most experimental and theatrical edge of clothing design. In short, an art with character, original and extravagant.

The idea with him was to think of a useful piece, out of season, size less , seamless and versatile so that it can be incorporated into every signature look. The result, a pure, sophisticated piece with a revolutionary air.

This collaboration was possible thanks to the new zero waste policy of the traditional Girardi Hat factory. Founded in 1897 by Giaccinto Girardi, today it revolves around its commitment to caring for the environment and sustaining heritage, promoting the use of products made in Chile.

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed. That is the concept behind the new ULEN hat that is born from this collaboration Daltónico x Guido Vera. A piece developed by hand by Andrea Calvo, with felt hats that the Girardi factory has deprecated.

The name of the piece is inspired by the masculine spirit of the northern sector of the Island of Tierra del Fuego, ULEN: Fast and agile as the wind, visible only partially demonstrating its surprising speed. The body is dark red in color and on it white horizontal lines, leaving short intermediate sections. A white line descends vertically from the neck through the navel. The mask is lighter red with three white lines across the top.

Your participation in the Hain ceremony is more theatrical than ritual, that is, more profane than sacred.

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