HÓOWIN clear polka dot trench coat

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HÓOWIN clear polka dot trench coat
HÓOWIN clear polka dot trench coat

HÓOWIN clear polka dot trench coat

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We introduce this new piece GV pre VOL III In Transit, out of genre, with polka dots and transparency, this powerful piece is inspired by Hóowin.

It is said that, according to the mythology of the Selk'nam and Haush peoples, in the beginning of time only the barren land and the bare firmament existed, devoid of sun and stars.

One day, Kenós descended from the Pemáukel - eastern sky - and walked through the arid plains in order to shape the reliefs of the world. The omnipotent entity created the first men from lumps that he planted in the ground. When they finally flourished, he taught them about life in society and the customs that their mandate was to follow.

The created humans, who today correspond to the mythical ancestors of the Selk'nam or "Hoowin", enjoyed full life, where the deficiencies never took place, where they could gloat with abundant food and where death did not even could be conceived. According to tradition, the Hoowin would have become animals, stars and even geographical features over time, ranging from the majestic mountains to the imposing cliffs.

The Selk'nam classified those considered "chosen" according to the four different types of skies -sho'on- that divided their world and at the same time, with certain territories -haruwen- in which their kindred settled. < / p>

The Hoowin ancestors most remembered by the Selk’nam were: Chénuke, a powerful shaman who resurrected men after the dream of death; Kwanyip, another very powerful shaman who distributed day and night, killed the giant Cháskels and brought death to the world; Taiyin, who with his sling separated Tierra del Fuego from the mainland; K’aux, mythical ancestor who distributed the land among men; and Kokponek, who created the shamanic song.

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