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This collection is framed as the first volume (VOL. I) of the eponymous project GUIDO VERA. A new Ready to Wear firm based in Santiago de Chile, which seeks to explore the Latin identity with specific interest and inspiration in the nomadism of the millennial civilizations that inhabited Tierra del Fuego at the end of the 19th century. Under these ideas, the collection develops clothing for people who have more than one home and are constantly on the go.

His proposal is for straight and irregular cuts that dialogue between visible seams and organic fraying. Its author proposes, from timeless garments, a sober, playful and daring silhouette, inspired by the “layer upon layer” styling, typical of the Amerindians of Tierra del Fuego to face the adverse climate of the region. Oversize pieces bring various garments from the collection to life, creating a unisex language. Earth tones, black and white converse with Italian red, vibrant yellow and electric blue, the latter being the colors of the flag of the Magallanes region, Vera's hometown.

Guido, through the wardrobe, seeks to validate a new style that aims to be a synthesis of what we wear every day, through well-developed and high-quality clothing. The latter reaffirms the minimalist tint of this incipient Puntarenean firm.

This volume was celebrated in a two-page article in June 2018 by Revista Paula and exhibited in September 2018 in the Magallanes Region, at the Cultural Center of Punta Arenas.

This collection was designed in Los Angeles, California, and manufactured in Santiago de Chile during 2017.

Team /

Photography: Camilo Bustos del Pin

Assistant: Javiera Soto

Art: Nicolas

Makeup and hair: Tomás Brinck and Javi Kastner

Stylist: Alina Castro

Assistant: Andrea Chehade

Location: Alonso Building

Acknowledgments: Sofia Garcia and PUMA

Executive production: Guido Vera.