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Silver Dreams 

Fashion grunge - Revisa la editorial completa aquí. 

POLLINI SS 2020- 20201

Styling de Macarena Hamilton


Rodrigo Cáceres / Javiera Reyes / Maya Bayer / Gabriela Fuentes x WE LOVE MODELS / 

Editorial METANOIA 

Ph: Esteban Vargas Roa 

Styling: Alina Castro 

MUA: Iván Barría

Talent: Nora Vai 

Retouch: Paf Carvajal  

Fashion editor: Pola Thomson 


Photography: Amaía Diez @amadiez
Model: Aurika Popova @lofficiel_models
Casting Director: Aleks Ivanof
Photo Assistant: Raúl Llorente @rllorente.ph
Retouching: Claudia Bravo @postcloudy
Styling: Javiera Reyes @javierareyes_
Hair and makeup: Javiera Kästner @javikastner

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Editorial Moda Sin etiquetas para revista Nueva Mujer Chile

Fotografía x Fernando Gutierrez, Estilismo por Sebastian Hasta Nunca, Belleza por Soledad Donoso, modelos Antonia y Muller.  


A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Bastien Reveco. Models are Domingo Jeame and  Benjamín Tagle. Nomadism is about exploring. Humans need to connect to each other. People from the same city but from different contexts meet to create an equal conversation with a style that is not able for discrimination and have the power to create conscience in the new era. 


This conversation makes a mix in between high standard clothing with some pieces that Lukas and Hernan found in flea markets from Santiago and other cities in Chile, creating an unique outfit for the new boys generation.

FBI @fuckboyinvestigation it’s a project that explores the queer masculinity based in Chile. The creators Hernan and Lukas, try to dispute the fashion industry and the beauty standards that fashion always propose with their stereotypes. They are always looking for nice clothing in flea markets in different district of the city even other cities from Chile and making editorial with queer young boys with a special beauty and the same time collaborating with new talents as photographers, make up artists that are in the underground of the regular Chilean industry.

GUIDO VERA @guidoveracl it’s an a ready to wear label based in Santiago de Chile, that is inspired in original towns and landscapes from Patagonia.
Guido, takes the nomadism as an experience to get out from the comfort zone, thinking in the new tailoring of the new era. A minimal proposal with hi tech and vegan fabrics that doesn’t make our planet suffer. He also uses cotton and silk that came from old stocks after Chilean dictatorship.
So at last the statement is simple design for complex minds.

Ph: Bastien Reveco @ba_stos_

Assistant Ph: Paula Umaña @pauperrrima

Models: Domingo Jeame @domingojeame Benjamín Tagle @xtacizz

Beauty by @claudio_paredes with @diorskincare @diormakeup

Assistant: Jorge Velásquez @jvelassquezz

Styling: Lucas Orellana @_lumats & Hernan Kael @autfitofdedei

Fashion editor: Guido Vera

Brands /

Guido Vera @guidoveracl, Cole Haan @colehaanchile, Pacto Joyas @pactojoyas


Talent @thyra_van_daalen @thesyndical
FOTOGRAFÍA @mairoarde
BELLEZA @conigram
ESTILISMO @iviramirez89

SOL coat en GALIO editorial DOMINIKA

La modelo Dominika Pikula es retratada por el fotógrafo Dean Elliott, con el estilismo de Iván Ramírez y la belleza a cargo de Claudio Paredes.


FUCKBOY @domingojeame 

FOTOGRAFÍA @ubillaphoto 


ESTILISMO @melancoliaridicula @autfitofdedei

 ARTE & PRODUCCIÓN @anibaleduardo

Theory of light 

Por Esteban Vargas Roa - Alina Castro - Maria Paz Urra - Modelos Elite Model Chile.

Chaquetón NUBE y SOL.

Fuck Boy Investigation

Por Gon Resti - hausofGuido - Ro Rojas - Androide Rococó - Luckas Orellana y Hernan Kael.

Overol ETNIA.

Constanza Santa Maria para Revista Nueva Mujer Publimetro:

Por Fernando Gutierrez - Sebastián Hasta Nunca - Soledad Donoso